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We are proudly presenting to you new program for money management called “Mobile Economist”. It is available for Google Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

You should collect your printed cashier reports no more, you need no accounting of expenses or incomes in the evenings. Using “Mobile Economist” you can quickly store your expenses and incomes “on the run”. You can browse through various reports, view full history of your financial actions and so on.
Lite versions of the “Mobile Economist” and “Mobile Secrets” is now available on
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We are proudly present our new program for Android phones - "Mobile secrets". The program is designed to manage passwords and other confidential information.
For those who fear that his private information will be available to others in the program implemented data encryption with a password to enter.
Great usability
large buttons with descriptions
vibration feedback
Simplicity and reliability
intuitive actions
automatic backup
Attractive interface
personal icons for all operations
animated transitions between screens

Password manager

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