“...user interface does not require any accounting skills. Reports are displayed in the form of visual diagrams. From the first look it becomes apparent what is a “black hole” in your personal budget.”
#5, 2010
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Release history

ver 1.6.4
- Added search function in the history
ver 1.6.3
- Added ability to select all accounts in the history of transactions
ver 1.6.2
- Added ability to change positions of the account
- Added ability to view report on the root categories (use long tap on report window)
ver 1.6.1
- Added ability to change time of any transaction
- Some small fixes
ver 1.6.0
- Changed the wizard of time period for reports
- Now you can delete categories without any effect on reports and history
- The full report now displays the negative amounts
ver 1.5.9
- Improved database performance
- Fixed bug in the common report
ver 1.5.8
- Added filters in the history of income and expenses
- Small changes in the common report
- Fixed minor errors while exporting - Other small changes
ver 1.5.7
- Added the ability to add multiple transactions
- Added ability to view a comparative report by years
- Added Serbian and Latvian interface languages
- Some small changes and fixes
ver 1.5.6
- Added ability to select multiple accounts to report
- Added setup of backup period
- Added Hungarian and Azerbaijani interface languages
- Some small changes and fixes
ver 1.5.5
- Added ability to view the report for the selected period
- Added Polish interface language
- Some small fixes
ver 1.5.4
- Added automatic backup (once per month)
- Added HVGA(320x480) support
- Some small fixes
ver 1.5.3
- Added transfers history
- Added comments to the transfers (holding the OK button in the window for input of amount)
- Fixed some small bugs
ver 1.5.2
- Added history of all operations (mixed)
- Fixed some small bugs
ver 1.5.1
- Added ability to move categories
- Added Czech interface language
- Fixed some small bugs
ver 1.5.0
- Added ability to set password for enter to programm
- Added Spanish interface language
- Fixed some small bugs
ver 1.4.9
- Added operation: BORROW
- Ability to deselect the default account (reselecting account)
- Minor interface improvements
ver 1.4.8
- Added ability to change date of any transaction
ver 1.4.7
- Added comments to the expenses, incomes and deposits/debts (holding the OK button in the window for input of amount)
- Added ability to change the comment and category of expenditure/income
- Added the backlight when you press the buttons (except the calculator)
ver 1.4.6
- Added 2 interface languages (Romanian, French)
- Added full wide screen support
- Added ability to remove the deposit or debt
ver 1.4.5
- Added Portuguese interface language
- Added calculator button onto the amount screen
- Added screen animation setup
- Added ability to minimize the program (holding the button EXIT)
ver 1.4.4
- Added 2 interface languages (Belarusian, German)
- Added export to XML
ver 1.4.3
- Added 5 interface languages (Hebrew, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Italian, Nederlands)
- Added selection of the default account
ver 1.4.1
- Added WQVGA support
- Redesigned backup system
- The program is now displayed in the task manager
ver 1.4.0
- First release of the application
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