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Mobile Secrets for Google Android

The program is designed to store and manage passwords or other personal information on an Android phone. The program has an intuitive touch interface and lovely animations, which makes the program not only productive but also enjoyable from an aesthetic point of view.
September 19, 2012
Android 1.6 or higher
Google Play
700 KB
USD 1,99

What the “Mobile Secrets” can do?

Storing passwords and other private data. All data which stored in the program is divided into various groups and appears as scrollable cards list. Each card type has its own preset of fields, that can be set visible or hidden by clicking an appropriate button in the card edit dialog.    
Easy access to your data. For each card field, depending on its type, application provides an appropriate set of functions. For example, you can copy password stored in the card to device clipboard (invisible to others) or visit a website using the popup menu.  
    Solid security, data storage. The most attention in the program is applied to data security. All cards are encrypted with the master password using a cryptographically strong encryption algorithms (128-bit AES). Data is stored in an encrypted container in a phone's private folder, which is inaccessible to other programs.

Backup and restore your data. For the data safety and to prevent data loss due to phone failure (memory corruption, etc.) the program creates cryptographically strong backup in a file container that can be copied to a PC and used later to restore your data back to the phone.
Application for PC. You may work with your passwords in a conventional environment with a big screen of your PC and full-size keyboard. To do this, this program has a “big brother” - “Mobile Secrets for PC”. You can download data directly from your phone, and upload them back after editing.
PC program also helps you to make a restore point on your PC.

“Mobile Secrets for PC” is absolutely free and it works with both versions of Mobile Secrets for Android (lite and full).
For your convenience, each card is marked with icon. In addition to the built-in images you can always upload your own one, using the standard Android gallery. You can use landscape mode while working with long text fields and entering passwords. The interface dynamically changes to provide maximum comfort when using the program.

Try “Mobile Secrets”. You will like it!
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