“...user interface does not require any accounting skills. Reports are displayed in the form of visual diagrams. From the first look it becomes apparent what is a “black hole” in your personal budget.”
#5, 2010
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Release history

ver 1.0.8
- Bugs fixed
ver 1.0.7
- Added Autolock function
- Some interface fixes
ver 1.0.6
- Changed the way to edit the password card
- Added "Share" function for the password card (only for full version)
ver 1.0.5
- New group - "Documents"
- Mobile Secrets for PC was updated
ver 1.0.4
- Improved license verification
- Alphabetical sorting of cards
- Mobile Secrets for PC was updated
- Minor interface changes
ver 1.0.2
- Released free software “Mobile secrets for PC”
- Data container format was changed (for compatibility with the PC program)
- Bugs fixed
ver 1.0.1
- Added custom fields for passwords card
- Some interface changes
ver 1.0.0
- First release of the application
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